how much do Wedding Planners make

How Much Do Wedding Planners Make?

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Wedding planners deal with many or all of the details of a wedding, from managing the caterers to directing the dinners. This career frequently entails long work hours and high levels of anxiety. Even though the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't collect details on wedding planners, it predicts that you can find many prospects for people in this profession since roughly 10 % of engaged couples work having a planner ( Wedding planners who live in bigger cities or those who are willing to move to metropolitan locations have the best chances of finding work. Wedding planners carry out a variety of tasks for couples which have typically already set wedding dates. Even though the particular list of tasks adjustments for every client, they may make appointments with vendors, provide gown options, recommend wedding themes and troubleshoot setbacks. The company side of wedding planning involves staying within budget, ensuring vendors get paid and collecting cash from customers. Because they're normally self-employed, wedding planners must also write contracts and be efficient marketers of their company. Nevertheless, special-event centers, wineries, hotels along with other hospitality facilities also supply employment opportunities. You can find no formal requirements to becoming a wedding planner because no federal or state laws exist to regulate the profession. Expert associations like the Association of Bridal Consultants supply seminars and workshops so that individuals new to the profession can learn useful organizing abilities.

Wedding planners typically charge about 10% of their clients wedding budget. The average wedding budget in the U.S. is about $25,000.


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